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  • Digital music on the go

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    • FM digital tuning with presets

      FM digital tuning with presets

      Digital FM radio offers you additional music options to your music collection on your Philips audio system. Simply tune into the station that you want to preset, press and hold the preset button to memorize the frequency. With preset radio stations that can be stored, you can quickly access your favorite radio station without having to manually tune the frequencies each time.

    • Built-in rechargeable battery for music playback anywhere

      Built-in rechargeable battery for music playback anywhere

      Play music out loud - anytime, anywhere. The built-in rechargeable battery lets you enjoy your personal music without the fuss of entangled power cords and the inconvenient search for an electrical outlet. Enjoy great music with the freedom of portability now.

    • Easy playback from USB/MicroSD Card

      Simply load the USB or MicroSD card with the desired content, plug it into your player - and never have to worry about running out of entertainment choices again.

    • 1.5W RMS output power

      This system has 1.5W RMS total output power. RMS refers to Root Mean Square which is a typical measurement of audio power, or rather, the electrical power transferred from an audio amplifier to a loudspeaker, which is measured in watts. The amount of electrical power delivered to the loudspeaker and its sensitivity determines the sound power that is generated. The higher the wattage, the better the sound power emitted by the speaker.

    • wOOx™ Loudspeaker Technology for deep and powerful bass

      wOOx™ technology is a revolutionary loudspeaker concept that allows you to hear and feel profoundly deep bass that is richer than any other audio system. Special speaker drivers work in harmony with the wOOx bass radiator, and precise tuning between the main driver and the tweeter ensures smooth transitions from low-mid to high frequencies. Dual suspension and a totally symmetrical sandwich construction deliver low and precise base without noticeable distortion. wOOx produces exceptionally deep and dynamic bass by using the speaker box full volume to truly magnify the impact of the music.

    • Stereo headphone jack for better personal music enjoyment

      Connect your own headphones with this Philips device for a more personal listening experience whenever you want it. You can enjoy your favorite music in great sound without disturbing others by connecting your headphones to this device.

    • Integrated FM Antenna

      For your phones FM radio to work properly it usually needs an external antenna. This Philips product includes an FM antenna so you get quality sound from your phones built-in radio.


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  • Digital music on the go

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